Anupama Update: Anupama plans to celebrate Leela’s wedding anniversary


The upcoming episode of serial Anupama is gearing up for new twist. In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Anupama and the Shah family sits together.

Anupama decides to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh. Anupama tell the family that it is the 50th anniversary of Leela and Hasmukh.

She tells that they were celebrate the day and make them happy. Pakhi,samar and everyone gets excited to hear her plan.

Vanraj also gets excited and tell that he will also help them in preparing the things. But Kavya gets upset when she gets to know that everyone was planning but no one took her permission.

Kavya tells vanraj that it is her house now and then it to take permission from her before doing anything.Vanraj gets angry with her.

He tells that it is the wedding anniversary of his parents and the whole family will be celebrating the day. You ask that if she has any problem then he can take the family out or book of a venue.

Till now it is seen that Anupama and Anuj visits Pakhi’s parents teacher meeting. Anupama realizes that Anuj only to stay with her is doing all this.

Later on she discuss with Devika, Devika ask her to tell what she feels for Anuj. Anupama asks her to shut up because there is nothing in her mind for him.

On the other hand Paritosh and Kinjal gets into a fight. Paritosh asks her that why she upset with him. He asks that is upset because he is not looking for a job.

Kinjal tells that when her father did not have the job he went for an interview and struggled. Paritosh tells that it can’t be that only if a person struggle he or she will be successful.

Paritosh tells that after giving so many interviews also he did not get any job. Kinjal says that he at least tried. Paritosh asks her that when will she returned to the penthouse. She denies to return to the penthouse.

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