Anupama 25th November 2021, episode 430 : Leela accepts anupama at Last


Leela tells Anupama she has done many mistakes in her life and she has realised it she asks Anupama to forgive her. She tells Anupama that the house is taken by Kavya but she should not give the dance academy to her.

Leader tells Anupama that the dance academy is her property and she should not stop going to the dance academy because it is like a Mandir to her.

Anupama agrees to this. Please ask her to come to the house and visit the house because since 26 years she has seen her face after waking up in the morning.

Kavya thinks that what is going on in the room that an outsider is inside the room and she is out of the room. She thinks that the house is her still she is listening to others.

On the other hand Leela tells that she does not know how many days will be alive but if she have the belief that Anupama will come to that house then maybe she will be living more.

Anupama tells that she will agree to or the things that she has said that she can’t agree to this she tells that she can’t return to the house.

Leela gets emotional she asks that she have to come to the house at least for her and Hasmukh. Anupama agrees to this. She asks Leela to go to sleep. Leela tells that she is not willing to sleep.

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Anupama asks vanraj to sing a song to make Leela sleep. Anupama goes and prays to god , Kavya asks that how did she even think of getting inside her house.

Anupama tells that she was thinking about her. Kavya tells that if she comes to the house from next day onwards then she will have to put a board outside the door.

Kavya tells that she will write on the Board that dogs and Anupama not allowed. And what else that she is fortunate that she has compared her to dogs because they are very good.

Anupama tells that if you have compared her to Kavya then should I feel insulted. Anupama makes her understand the family is so good she must adjust with the family.

Anupama leaves from there She remembers what Hasmukh had said in the morning.Vanraj calls Anupama. He tells Anupama that she never told or asked for the house in 26 years.

He says to anupama that by taking the house kavya has for ever erased her name from his heart.He says that the house was always of his parents and will always be that.

Vanraj tells Anupama that she knows very well that how was he says that he has became a winner to a loser but once again he wants to be a winner.

He says that he want to prove everyone that he is a winner and not a loser Anupama wish him best of luck. She asks him to be a winner but have respect and love for everyone.

The next day Anupama celebrate Bhai Dooj with her brother. While speaking her brother tells her the other day he saw the magnet toy with Anuj and found a mark that he had made when Anupama used to play with it.

Anupama remembers the moments with Anuj. Her brother tells that he must leave. She remembers that she told Anuj how she lost the magnet toy that she used to play with.

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