Kundli Bhagya upcoming twist update – Preeta finds the truth, Sandeep asks for money

Kundali Bhagya

Preeta goes to the hospital to check whether Sandeep is ok or not because she thinks that she has seen Sandeep in the market.

She gives an excuse to the hospital receptionist that she is, a doctor who is treating Sandeep and goes to meet him in his room.

When she gets into the room she finds that Sandeep is not there she gets shocked to see this but she realises that it was Sandeep home she has seen in the market.

She calls Srishti and inform about the news sister gets excited thinking that now everything will come in front of everybody.

But when she comes out of the room she finds that Sandeep is on the wheelchair. M queries whether he was in the market or not.

Later on Preeta and Srishti reaches the house when Kareena starts insulting both of them. Kareena start saying that both of them are not even worried about anything preeta is roaming around with her sister.

Shristi breaks her silence and asks that how can she speak to Preeta like this. Shristi says to Preeta later on that the family has still not accepted her.

Shristi asks whether she can stay with her for that night because she is not willing to leave her alone.

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