Anupama Episode 21st Oct – Romantic,Anuj decides to play dandiya


Samar gets to know that Rohan has came there he goes there with a Nandini. On the other hand Paritosh calls to family members to meet Rohan.

Everyone gets angry on Rohan for creating problem in their life. Anu says that they need not to do anything because Rohan wants to apologize to them

Rohan tells that he has done a very big mistake by torturing them she apologized everyone, he says Anuj not to call the police.

Anuj says that he will not call the police canteen unless he does not forget his promise. Rohan says that he was thinking of hurting Anupama but Anuj saved her.

Everyone asks him that why did he write to hurt Anupama,samar tells everyone about their fight everyone tense shocked listening to the truth.

Leela asks Anuj to leave because she does not won everyone to know that Anuj is being an outsider came to the Dandiya party.

Anuj GK leaves from their Anuj asks GK not to ask him to to go to anyone’s house and neither call anyone to their house.

Anuj gets stuck in the parking because of a car standing I had he gets there on the other hand vanraj Anupama to tell Anuj to stay away from his children.

He says that he can tolerate everything but he can’t see his children getting closer to any other man. Devika overhears the conversation and later on makes Anupama understand.

Devika makes Anupama understand that how can she keep quiet when her ex husband was insulting Anuj. She says that Anuj has done a lot for them.

Devika tells Anupama that now it is hard done to do something for urgent to stand beside him. Anupama goes to Anuj and asks him to dance in the Dandiya party.

Anuj agrees to Anupama. Everyone waits for the the Dandiya party, Anupama enters with anuj in the Dandiya party everyone gets shocked. Devika feels proud of Anupama.

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