kundali bhagya Ep 1093 ,20 October 2021 Update

Kundali Bhagya

Today’s episode starts with sarla saying Preeta that she should go to the hospital to check whether it was Sandeep or not otherwise she will always have a doubt in her mind.

Preeta and Srishti leaves for the hospital and asks Summit to stay with Pihu. They reached the hospital and finds that Sandeep is not available.

Preeta calls Srishti immediately and says that Sandeep is not there and that means that he was only present in the market.

Preeta gets out of the room and finds Sandeep along with his fiance sudipa, she gets shocked to see both of them she asks that what is he doing over there.

She tasks Sandeep whether he was in the market or not, Sandeep starts acting he says that how can he go into the market when he is unable to walk.

Srishti gets excited and tells Preeta that everything is sorted now, Preeta tells the truth to her she says that everything was ok but it is not ok now.

She tells that when she was coming out of the room she found Sandeep along with his fiancee. Both of them reaches home Kareena and Buni starts taunting preeta. They say that how can she roam around with her sister.

Preeta tries to explain that she was not roaming but she got a clue that’s why she was checking, so that they can bring rishabh out of the jail.

But Kareena and Bani does not listen to them and goes on believing her, Srishti get angry finding that they are insulting Preeta.

Preeta asks Shristi to keep quiet, she takes her to her room. Shristi asks that how can she keep quiet, Preeta tells that it is not about keeping quiet she will speak when it is required.

Srishti tells that the Luthra family has not yet accepted her, preeta tells that there is nothing like that they are all nervous and everything will get Ok.

Srishti asks Preeta whether she can stay with her that night because she is not willing to leave her alone.Preeta gives her the permission to stay with her.

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