Kundali Bhagya-Prithvi threatens Sandeep’s doctor

In the latest episode of serial Kundali Bhagya It is seen that Shrishti Sameer and Preeta goes to meet the doctor who is treating Sandeep defines that some police are sitting over there.

Srishti enters the house as a patient she makes an excuse to the police constable is that she need to show the doctor as it is an emergency.

She tries to speak to Shashank, she asks that is Sandeep’s case real or fake. The doctor says that actually Sandeep is much more injured than he is showing.

He also has that it can also be possible that he will be not able to walk for the injury that he has received. The doctor father warns Srishti that if they try to manipulate him then he can file case on them.

Srishti comes back and tells all the truth to Preeta and Sameer. After listening to the truth that Shashank has told preeta thinks that they must find out another way.

In the upcoming episode Prithvi, disguised as Dr Shashank’s security guard, enters Shashank’s house and threatens him. He said that it if Shashank reveals the truth to anyone then he will not leave his family.

Prithvi asks Shashank not to reveal the truth to anyone. It will be very interesting to find out what will be happening in the upcoming episode.

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