Anupama Episode Update-Anuj wants to gift a lehenga to Anupama

Kavya tells Nandini that the very next day they will be filing a complaint against Rohan. Samar says to Anuj that he is feeling like killing Rohan.

Anuj tell not to do this mistake , he tells that he can feel that how is a feeling because in his childhood days if someone would have hurt his love he would have done the same thing.

Samar leaves from there Anupama ask that where has he gone Kinjal tells that maybe he has gone to his room. Anuj leaves from there are Anupama calls him from behind.

Anupama tells that she is very happy she also tells that she is very lucky to have a friend like him in her life. Anupama returns home and vanraj starts taunting and says that every problem is solved by Anuj.

Anuj returns home and start dancing GK ask him that why is he dancing. He says that he can understand that he has saved Nandini but maybe Anupama has said something to him.

GK tell that due to that he is very happy Anuj tells that yes he is right. The next day everyone does Aarti, Anuj remembers what has Anupama said the last day and starts smiling.

On the other hand, Rohan messages Samar.Samar gets angry seeing the message and leaves from there to take the revenge.

Samar start fighting with Rohan ,Anupama asks that where is Samar , Nandini says that she saw him here but where has he gone she does not know.

Anupama gets that was thinking about samar on the other hand suddenly and finds that samar has reached there he asked him that where has he gone.

Samar says that he has taken revenge on Rohan, Anuj scolds him for his bad decision he tells that he has not ended the problem but has given rise to another problem.

Anuj asks him that what has he done to Rohan he says that he has beaten Rohan with rod. Anuja asks him to immediately call his family.

Anuj tells that his family has equal rights on him, he asks to take out his mobile and call Anupama and inform her if finds that Anupama is calling him.

He messages Anupama that everything is ok Anupama tells everyone that she has received a message from samar that he is absolutely ok.

Anuj makes him understand that he has done a very big mistake by doing on this, he makes him understand that he does not know that why this generation once everything fast.

Anuj tells that they could have taken legal action against Rohan but the thing which he has done has given rise to another problem.

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