kundali bhagya Weekly update -Preeta’s plan fails

Kundali Bhagya

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya weekly update- it is seen that Rishabh has been arrested by the police. Sandeep has launched a complaint against ration shop.

According to the complaint Rishabh is responsible for the injury which he has got. Rishab tells that he was drunk but he is not responsible for all this.

All the family member breaks down after Rishabh gets arrested. Karan and Preeta mixer plan to offer money to Sandeep so that they can help Rishabh.

But Prithvi reaches him before them and ask him to say no to preeta and karans offer because then he will be rude to him.

Later on sarla gets to know about all the sun she gets angry on sister for not informing her about leadership. Preeta makes a plan to reveal the truth.

Shrishti ,Sameer and Preeta goes to meet doctor Shashank. The great to know that it is the truth that Sandeep condition is critical.

The doctor tells you that Sandeep is much more insured then he is showing. He also add that if they try to manipulate him then there will be no problem.

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