Apna Time Bhi Aayega Last Episode 16th october 2021- ‘THE END’ Veer and Rani Get Married

Apna time bhi aayega

Jai asks nandini she signed the papers and because of her all his plans has been destroyed. He goes to slap Nandini when Veer comes and holds his hand.

Everyone starts letting him for his behaviour, the police comes and says that report has been launched against him and he has to get arrested.

He asks that does they have proof Rani gives the Prove the video back there is the recording. The police arrested him Rani gets happy Rajeshwari hugs Rani and Nandini.

On the other hand Kajri starts wedding with Vikram. Kiara makes plan and tries to make her understand when Vikram beats her on the head and she gets unconscious.

But Vikram takes her to the Rajawat house everyone asks that what happened he explains that what happened. Mousaji says that she has done a very bad thing.

Kajri understand sir mistake and tells sorry to Vikram, Vikram says that there is no problem when someone understands their mistake and says sorry.

Kajri asks Vikram not to break their friendship. Everyone starts the preparations for the wedding. Kiara and Vikram, as well as Veera Rani both gets married.

This was the last episode of serial Apna time bhi aayega. The audience has given a lot of love to the serial from the day it has launched.

The makers have planned a very beautiful ending for the serial, the fans are already waiting for the second season. of the serial

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