Anupama Weekly Update – Samar thanks Anuj for saving them


Star Plus serial Anupama weekly update- in the recent episodes It is seen that Anupam and Anuj decides to keep our dance competition so that they can choose the best cooks.

Rohan starts irritating Nandini he says that if if she does not run away to US then we will kill samar. Anupama gets to know about all this and asks Nandini not to worry.

Sarla visit Anupama and asks her to not let her daughter-in-law win because she does not one her daughter-in-law to work with an unknown man.

Leela asks Anupama to do the same what she has told but Anupam and does not agree to her she says that she can’t do anything now.

Anupama makes the dance academy ready for the cooking competition, she tells that she is feeling nervous because she does not know how many of the women will be attaining the competition.

Anuj tells that she need not to worry because everything will be fine. Later on all the ladies enters the competition Anupama motivates them by telling her motivational story.

Anupama tries to inspire everyone so that all of them give their best. Anuj and everyone starts clapping for Anupama struggle.

Anupama tells that actually Anuj is also equally responsible for her happiness, Anuj gives the full credit to Anupama.Vanraj what is the full competition on the mobile and gets jealous.

Samar informs Anupama about Nandini and tells that he will be going to help her Anuj accompanies him. Anupama goes home and tell the truth to vanraj, He calls samar but Anuj picks up his call and he gets angry he tells Anupama that he will be not helping samar.

Vanraj says that Anuj is already with his son and samar has given the place of father to someone else, after some time Anuj ,samar and Nandini returns home everyone gets happy seeing them. Anupam asks Nandini that what happened that she went away.

Nandini says that Rohan forced her to come with him but she ran away from there and after running away, she got unconscious. Unfortunately at the very right time Anuj came and saved her.Samar goes and hugs Anuj for helping him once again.

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