Anupama 18th October 2021 Promo Update

In the upcoming episode of serial Anupama it will be seen that the celebrations for Navratri starts. Anupama prays to God so that Nandini and samar’s relation gets ok.

On the other hand Rohan attacks samar both of them starts fighting for Nandini. In the latest episode It is seen that Nandini returns home.

Anupama and everyone asks that why has he gone leaving the house, she tells that she has gone due to Rohan because he started forcing hard to go with him.

Nandini tells that she was trying to run away from Rohan when she got unconscious and eventually Anuj and samar came there and save her.

Vanraj Gets angry on them thinking that why is Anuj helping them when he is present. Anupama tells Anuj that how will she tell and thank him because thank you is a very small word now.

Anupama weekly episodes update

In the latest episodes It is seen that Anuj ,Anupama has planned a cooking competition show that taken choose the best cook.

A Neighbour of Anupama comes to her and says that she must not let her daughter-in-law win the competition. After listening to this Leela says Anupama that she should do as she is telling.

Anupama tells that that is not possible, all the ladies start arriving for the competition Anupama tells her motivational story to everyone.

Anupama tells that she is there are only because of Anuj Anuj gives the credit to Anupama and says that it is because of Anupama herself that she is successful.

Kavya finds that Rohan is still in her friend list.Vanraj ask that it who is Rohan and Kavya says that Rohan is Nandini ex. Anupama says to him that actually Rohan is trying to create problem in the life of Nandini and Samar.

But when vanraj gets to know that Anuj is helping both of them he denies to help them and says that his children has given the place of father to someone else.

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