Anupama update:Anuj makes Anupama the judge of the competition


Vanraj gets angry on samar because Anuj Kapadia has given him a chance. He calls him and says that he does not want him to work with Anuj Kapadiya, but he does not listen to him he asks Anupama to take care of herself.

Vanraj tells Anupama that he will not tolerate Anuj Kapadia taking his kids away from him. Anupama asks Kinjal to give a cup of tea to him otherwise he will be angry.

Kavya says that she has some work and she needs to leave.Leela prays to God that what is happening at the house. She says that she can understand that both the women in the house are going out for work and her son is seating.

Anupama discuss the plan with Devika ,Devika appreciates her for planning. She says that it is a mind blowing plan. Anuj overhears the conversation between them.

Anuj enters the room and asks Anupama what has she planned Anupama says that she has planned to keep her competition. She says that they will be giving a big amount of money to the winner.

She also adds that like this they can choose the best cook. And after the completion, they will be finding the best cook and will be giving the offer to work with them.

Kavya reaches Anuj office everyone gets shocked to see her, Anuj asks that why has she came there she says that she has come there thinking about the job offer that he has given her.

Anuj ask her to seat and wait for him because they are in a very important meeting. Anuj speaks to Anupama and says that he wants Anupama to take the decision whether Kavya will be working with them or not.

Anupama gives the decision and ask him to give Kavya the opportunity because she is very much talented. Anuj tells Kavi about the opportunity. Kavya thank him for giving the job.

Anuj ask her to thank Anupama because she has given her the job but she he also warns her that there must be no problem at the office due to her homely problems.

It will be very interesting to find out that how will vanraj react to decision of Kavya. The makers are coming up with new and interesting twist in each and every episode. Stay tuned with us for latest updates.

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