Anupama episode 11th october promo update -Pakhi gets depressed due to Anupama and vanraj

Star Plus daily soap is coming up with new and interesting twist and turns in each and every episode. According to the promo released the upcoming episode will come up with the new twist.

In the upcoming episode vanraj will say to Kavya that Anuj is a toy whatever instruction Anupama will give him the same he will be doing.

Kavya says him that he has gone mad she asked him to see a doctor he gets angry and breaks are flower vase. Blood starts coming out from his hand.

Leela tell that vanraj has got hurt Anupama goes to do the first aid and put the medicine.Vanraj gets angry on Anupama and push her.

Pakhi sees is all this and she gets upset she asks her parents that when parents get irritated with their relationship they get divorced. But what will children do when they get irritated and fed up with their parents.

Vanraj and Anupama gets emotional finding her in this condition they decide to console her and make things ok ,between her and them.

In the latest episode it is shown that Kavya goes to Anuj’s office for a job. Anuj ask her to wait in the cabin. Anuj tells Anupama to decide whether she will be letting her work over there or not.

Anupama gives the opportunity to Kavya to work with them. Anuj speaks to Kavya and says that he does not want her personal matters to come in between their professional life.

He says that he has seen many things that has happened at their home but he does not want her husband to create problems in their professional life. He asks Kavya to make it sure that her husband stays quiet.

At last he gives the job to Kavya, thanks him for giving the job he says that she must thank Anupama because she is the partner of this project and she has accepted her.

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