Anupama Episode 390 Spoiler update -Anuj feels good for Anupama

Anupama 9th October 2021

Today’s episode starts with vanraj asking samar not to go there because anujai is involved in on this but he does not listen to vanraj tells Anupama that he does not care what she does with Anuj.

He says to Anupama that if Anuj tries to interfere in his life and tries to take his children away from him then he will not stop. He says that this is the last time he is tolerating all this because if these things happen any more then he will raise his hand.

Listening to this Anupama gets shocked but she does not say anything she asks Kinjal to give a cup of tea to him and she leaves from there. Kavya says that she also has a important meeting and she needs to leave for that . Leela thinks that what is happening at the house.

She thinks that all the women of the house is going out to work and her son is sitting at home. In the office Devika discuss the plan with Anupama she says that Anupama has make a mind blowing plan. Anupama says that her dad used to say that God helps everyone.

She tells that God has sent Anuj in her life. Anuj overhear the conversation and gets happy. Anuj ask Anupama whether she has planned anything about how to choose the cook. She says that she has thought of keeping and competition.

Anuj like the idea of the competition but he keeps one condition he says that he will conduct the competition but he wants her to be the judge of the competition. Anupama tells that she also had something to say she asks him also to be the judge.

Vanraj find his credit card he things that where has come we are gone . He doubts that whether she has gone to meet Anuj Kapadiya. A customer asks him to give the anupama’s which is the best dish of the cafe. He says that he does not have that dish available.

Vanraj Misbehaves with the customer and asks him to leave. Jignesh says that he does not remember some things but he makes him understand that Cafe runs because of Anupama the cafe is there because of Anupama. But if the cafe gets closed it’s only because of him.

The Chef tells vanraj that they must put back anupama’s dish otherwise the cafe is going through a loss.Vanraj ask whether he has run the dish or not. He says that he has not learnt the dish.Vanraj fires him. On the other hand Kavya reaches Anuj office.

She asks for an opportunity from him so that she can work with him. Anuj discuss with Anupama and Anupama give the permission to keep Kavya chance to work with them. Anuj says Kavya that he does not want his is work to get destroyed because of their family matter.

Anuj asks Kavya to make it sure that there will be no problem and she will be working with Anupama. Anuj says that he will not tolerate any off vanraj’s problems in the office. He says that because of her husband he can’t afford to lose his money as well as time.

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