Anupama 18th October 2021 – Samar makes a big mistake

Star Plus daily soap Anupama recent update- Kavya tells Nandini that they will surely go to the police station file case against Rohan.

Anuj tells that if someone did this to his love in the college days then he would have killed that person.Samar does not hear the full thing and leaves.

He calls Rohan and asks him to fight him. The next day everyone starts with the Aarti. Samar meets Rohan and both of them start fighting.

Anuj also does Aarti and easily finds that samar is standing in front of him, he asks that where is Summer coming from samar says that he has taken the revenge.

He says that he had no where to go and could not understand that what we should do that’s why he came here, Anuj tells that he is coming there is no the main problem the main problem here is what he has done to Rohan.

He says that he has beaten up broken with a rod Anuj says that he has done a great mistake. He says that he does not understand the nature of today’s boys and girls.

Anuj gets angry on him he says that he must involve his family and inform his family first of all just now.Samar tells that he has not informed anyone before leaving the house.

Anuj Tells to call Anupam and inform the truth, he finds that I am calling him he messages are that samar, is absolutely ok Anupama tells everyone that samar has messaged that he is ok.

Anuj tells him that they could have gone through the legal ways to punish one but the thing which he has done has given rise to another problem.

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