Anupama update : OH NO! Anupama in danger,Will anuj save her

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Star Plus daily soap Anupama is coming up with new and interesting twist. In the latest episode it is shown that Anupama and Anuj has reached Mumbai.

They go for a meeting and after the meeting Anuj takes Anupama put the beach. Innova gets excited knowing that they are going to the beach.

On the other hand Kavya and vanraj also leaves for Mumbai. Anupama informs Hasmukh that she is in the beach. Anuja asks her to go and enjoy.

Anupama goes to the beach and starts singing, some boys tries to miss behave with her and ask her to give all her jewellery. Anupama stands shocked.

Anuj finds Anupama in danger, and goes to save her but he finds that Anupama is beating them. Anuj comes and says that he thought that she would need his her but she is a hero.

Both of them enjoy their time they have snakes. Anuj tells Anupama that he has forgotten her bag on the beach and goes to take the bag. Anupama says that in the bag she also has her purse.

Anupama and Anuj are about to leave the beach with the find Kavya and vanraj standing in front of the them and get shocked to see them.

Vanraj says that he told that they have can there for work but they are enjoying their time. Anupama asks him that why is he over there.

Kavya says that they have came there to meet their Boss, who is going to Australia and has invited them to speak about some business.

#trending episode | Anupama 27th September 2021 :Anuj admires Anupama as she enjoys her flight 👉👉👉

Vanraj speaks in his mind that actually he got to know that Anupama and Anuj both are at the beach, when Anupama was speaking to Hasmukh that’s why he is here.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that vanraj will be very jealous of Anupama and Anuj coming close. They will go to a nightclub.

Vanraj will find Anupama and Anuj together. He will ask confirm that he has left her and she has started enjoying with the other men.

Anupama says that now he has no right over her. Anuj gets angry at him for insulting Anupama. Both of them starts fighting.

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