Anupama 27th September 2021 :Anuj admires Anupama as she enjoys her flight


Star Plus daily soap anupama is coming up with new twist in its upcoming episode. The episode starts with Anupama asking Anuj to click some pictures of her.

She gets happy to see the pictures she says that it she has click pictures this time after her marriage and the pictures are good then the wedding pictures.

She appreciates Anuj for clicking the pictures she asks him to send pictures to Hasmukh.Vanraj gets restless and finds his mobile, Kavya says that he knows very well why he is so much restless.

Vanraj ask her that why she is saying that she says that because he is afraid that what will happen if Anupama and Anuj crosses their limits.

She makes him remember that how the cross your limits on an official trip. Kavya asks that was he even thinking about Anupama when she is not his wife anymore.

Anupama calls her Hasmukh and tells him about the window seat. Anuj gets Happy seeing Anupama happy. Kavya asks vanraj that why is he still worried about Anupama.

Vanraj says that he does not know that was he feeling for Anupama, he says that there is some attachment between him and Anupama. Kavya gets shocked listening to this.

Kavya says that if it is still attraction it is ok but it can’t be more than that. Anuj asks Anupama to enjoy her first flight. Anupama does the same she enjoys her flight.

Anupama she is Anuj and asks that is he afraid, he says that he is afraid only during the takeoff. Anupama cracks a joke and says that she is so much afraid that’s why he could not return from America for 26 years.

Rohan sends some pictures of nandini to samar and tell that he will send the pictures to the family ,nandini gets scared that what will happen if leela gets to know all this.

Anuj says that she is right. Anupama enjoys her first flight Anuj sees her and gets happy. Anuj puts his blazer on Anupama when she is sleeping.

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