Anupama Update: Anupama is excited about the trip


Star Plus daily soap Anupama- till now it is seen that Anuj has told to come with him to Mumbai for a business meeting. Leela asks Anupama not to go there.

Anupama takes a decision and tells everyone that she will be going to Mumbai with Anuj. Leela gets angry on Anupama. She asks Anupama not to go for the trip.

Anupama asks that when Dolly went for a trip with her college then she did not say anything then why she is stopping her. Leela says that a boy and a girl can never be friends.

Vanraj says that none of Dolly’s colleagues had a crush on her. Anupama asks that how did he know that because for the last 25 years she never knew what is going inside him.

Hasmukh motivates Anupama to go for a business trip. Pakhi and samar also support Anupama.She reveals that she had always dreamt of riding a plane.

She thanks Anuj for making her dream true. Kavya says that she is feeling jealous of Anupama because she is going out with Anuj.

Vanraj says that he does not care but when he hears anuj’s name he feels bad.Vanraj thinks that why is he feeling bad when he doesnot love anupama.

In the upcoming episode anupama and anuj will leave for mumbai Anupama will be very excited to ride the plabe for the first time.

In latest episode written shown that Anupama and her family visits Anuj’s house for Ganesh Chaturthi. Everyone compliments Anuj for making such good snacks.

Anupama says that Anuj is a very good arm wrestler.Vanraj enters the house and everyone gets shocked he says that he also used to do all this during his college days.

He challenges and used for a competition, Anuj disagrees to do the competition but later on he agrees to compete with him.Vanraj wins the competition.

The family gets to know that Anupam has to leave for Mumbai the next day with Anuj for a business meeting. Hasmukh gets excited listening this and blesses them.

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Anuj tells GK that for him it is only a matter of catching a flight, but for Anupama it will be very difficult. Leela gets upset with Anupama because she is going with Anuj on a business trip.

Kavya is very jealous of Anupama she things that they can’t even get out of the house and she is going to Mumbai that to in a flight with Anuj Kapadiya.

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