Apna time bhi aayega: ‘BIG TWIST’ Rani tries to scare vijaya

Apna time bhi aayega

Zee TV daily show Apna time bhi aayega is coming up with a new twist in its upcoming episode. So far it is shown that Veer has also enter the Rajawat house so that he can help Rani.

In the latest episode Rani makes plan so that they can give get back their house and throughout Vijaya from the house. Vijaya comes to meet Rajeshwari.

Everyone says that Rajeswari is no more in this world and Rajeswari starts acting as if she is dead. Vijaya says to Rani that she came there, to see Rajeshwari and enjoy seeing her in pain but she is no more.

Vijaya is about to leave when she finds that Kajari is standing there she says that she has seen her somewhere and asks her to show her face. Kajari somehow manage to hide the truth.

Veer says Vijaya that he will be unable to come to their house for his job, he says that after performing all the rituals will be joining his duty. Vijay tells that if he needs money he can ask for money but she will deduct it from his salary.

During the night Rajeshwari goes to the Rajawat house and tries to make Vijaya realize that a ghost has arrived. Vijaya finds Rajeshwari standing behind her,she sees her reflection on the mirror.

Vijaya’s start screaming Suraj comes and says her that. Rani also comes there and starts acting as if she knows nothing.

Rajeshwari goes to the servant’s room and meets all of them Shanti gives her tea they get ready for their second plan. Vijaya gets so scared that she thinks that someone is walking.

She opens this and finds that and he is sitting in the hall she goes down stairs and asks that what is she doing. She finds that it is rajeshwari’s ghost.

She starts screaming and rani Veer and Rajeshwari continues to scare her.

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