Anupama episode 5 July written update: Samar’s birthday gift from Anupama

Anupama episode 5 july 2021 written update

Today’s episode starts with Samar stopping Nandini. Samar says Nandini that he should check his social media bio.

Nandini gets a sprain and Samar helps her. Nandini wishes him and he gets very much happy he starts telling her that his family has completely forgotten his birthday and he gets upset.

Anupama asks ba that if she cooks cake at home Samar can understand that the family has planned some surprise for him. Anupama says vanraj to bring a cake from his cafe, and some good food from his café too. Vanraj gets happy.

Kavya mocks the family, because they have decorated their house as your samar is a child . Dolly arcs hard to decorate one wall and Kavya start saying that the decoration is very good.

Kavya says that she will be bringing a gift for samar vanraj says that he has already brought the gift for samar because for the first time he has got to know what he needs.

The full family wishes samar anyone gets very happy Jignesh Returns, the whole family dances on the ‘chote tera birthday aaya’ song.

Anupama gets teary and emotional summer to gets emotional and teary Anupama ask him not to cry samars Anupama not to making cry. Everyone gets very happy on samar’s birthday.

There were vanraj bring the cake for Samar and Kavya starts taunting him by saying that he has only brought the cake because he gets the employee discount.

Dolly replies to kavya’s comment Anupama says not to do at the birthday party. Everyone has given gifts except Anupama, she says that leela will give the gift to Samar.

Anupama asks Leela to give her blessings to samar and Nandini

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