Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 5th July 2021: Krishna says pratigya will stay in the house

Mann ki awaaz pratigya 2 written update

Krishna says to Pratigya all this while the time he had to spend with Meera he is spending with her and this is all because Pratigya Krishna says that he is betraying his family for Pratigya and accuses her.

Krishna says that everyone trusted him but he did all this behind their back. Listening to all this Pratigya gets confused and shocked and asks him what is saying and says that he is not saying the truth. Pratigya tells Krishna that because of her only he came to know that how to love a woman.

Krishna says to Pratigya that he doesn’t remember everything and that doesn’t mean that she will be saying anything to him Pratigya start saying that the main problem is Krishna has forgotten everything Pratigya said that Krishna and Pratigya used to love each other.

Krishna says that it was not love, and leaves from there. Pratigya gets upset seats underground and starts to screen Krishna recalls all his Holi moments with Pratigya and gets upset while driving his car. Pratigya works on the road and thinks that she thought that everything will be alright but Krishna did not remember anything.

Krishna comes out of his car and starts screaming Pratigya enters the house and Sumitra asks she did not leave because they all thought that she has left the house she asks her to leave the house because her time is up.

Pratigya asks where is Krishna, Sumitra says why is she asking about him and says that he already told her that he has made his decision. Meera says to Sumitra that he had never seen someone so shameless as Pratigya in her life and asks Pratigya to leave her house.

Sajjan Singh asks Pratigya what is she waiting for he tells me to throw her out of the house Kesart tells everyone to stop it saying that nothing is going to change Krishna’s decision so asks not to worry saying Pratigya will leave the house soon.

Krishna enters the house and says to everyone that Pratigya is going nowhere everyone gets shocked. Sumitra and Sajjan have Krishna ground crazy and lost his mind because he had promised Meera and now he is changing his decision.

Krishna says that if anyone has any problem with his decision then that person can leave the house he holds Pratigya’s hand and in another hand, he holds her luggage and takes her inside.

Meera says to Sumitra that whatever she does Krishna is always choosing Pratigya over her . Sumitra stops her and asks me the is she going to let Pratigya know that she accepted her defeat if she lives but give it successfully go on with her plans and Krishna will not even think about her.

Pratigya stops Krishna and asks him that what he is doing Krishna tells Pratigya that it’s because of him she was in a coma for the past year and half years . Tu Krishna goes to his room and apologizes to meera for not fulfilling his promise Meera puts her hand on Krishna’s face and tells him that she is the one who made the wrong decision.

She thanks Krishna for stopping her from doing the mistake also tells him that when Krishna is happy she is also happy because his happiness is everything to her. They both hug each other then Krishna tells not even Sajjan Singh on Sumitra understands him the way she understands him.

Kesar comes to Pratigya and brings food for her Pratigya tells that Krishna is thinking that Meera is his real wife and she is someone else. Kesar tells Pratigya that whatever Krishna record is with the memories related to her only and she may not remember everything but she doesn’t have to lose her hope and fight till the end.

Pratigya agrees with her was and says that she won’t accept defeat and will struggle so that Krishna gets his all old memories back.

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