Apna time bhi aayega episode 7th july 2021 : Rani and veer makes plan to expose jai

Apna time bhi aayega episode 7th july written update

Veer and Rani richest Kusum house Vinod steel door and Kusum open City tour Rani except that is speaking to Kusum Kusum say yes as soon as Rani takes Jai Singh’s name Kusum gets shocked and starts telling that she doesn’t want to talk about him Jai.

Rani requests her until search will be asking for only a few questions and leave from their Veer says that jai is going to marry his sister and she wants to know something about Jai but Kusum, tell them to leave. Hearing the noise The Neighbours gather. Rani says to veer that the neighbours are gathering and that may cause a problem for them as well as Kusum and they should leave.

Rani says to veer that they will be back later on and speak to her. They leave from there. Rajmata thinks of veer how he went with Rani and left the house. Rajeshwari comes with Nandini, for the marriage rituals. Rajmata thinks of Rani the next day, Rajmata goes to the hospital to bring Rani back . Rajmata says to Rani that without her the marriage ceremony is not at all going happy.

Veer comes and says that the house does not trust them then why should they return, Rajmata says that it was her mistake that day Veer says that it was not her mistake because she can make mistakes she can scold him but the family does not believe them Rani says that she will be coming with Rajmata Rani explains to be there it’s only one day left and they have to do whatever they want in that day.

Rajeshwari starts the Haldi ceremony, Vikram does not look happy, their Jai gets tensed and calls the compounder and the compounder says that Veer and Rani knows all his secrets now. Jai nervous and thinks that now everything is out of his hand. Rajmata enters the house with Rani everyone gets shocked.

Nandini starts saying that why has she came back Rajmata says that she is the the daughter in law of that house and she has equal responsibilities, and the right to be in the marriage. Rani dresses up for the healthy ceremony and Rajeshwari says that she wants Ranito to do the Aarti.

Rani prays to god so that they can prove them wrong in front of everyone and so that she can stop the marriage. Kiara comes and Nandini gets happy they both hug each other. Rani prays to God to make everything right.

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