Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th July 2021:Jai singh put the house on fire

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th July 2021 Written Update

Rani waits for veer to call her. She gets a call from her college friends and they tell rani about the project. They say rani that she must a decision she should manage the house as a wife or learn as a student . Rani is in a new problem now.

There Kusum tries to make her baby sleep when she hears somebody knocking at the door. Kusum goes and opens the door when she sees Jai Singh she gets shocked. She hurries up and tries to close the door but Jai holds her and gets into the house. Jai locks the door from outside.

Kiara helps nanthini to get ready. Nandini says that she wants Kiara as her bhabi . Kiara remembers Vikram and her marriage. Vikram hears this from outside and Kiara and Vikram both look at each other.Veer arrives and knocks the door.jai gets shocked.kusum starts crying as she has got heart.

Veer shouts that she wants to teel her something,Jai tell kusum not to cry and leaves from there.When veer opens the door and sees kusum crying .There kiara gets emotional rani comes and says her not to think about Rani Sa’s words because when she gets angry she talks harsly. Kiara tells that it is not due to anyone it is due to her because she has torture rani, she says sorry to Rani for all her deeds.

Rani and veer does video call rani asks about kiara and veer shows that kusum has got hurt.Rani tells kusum and shows nanthini on video call and says that she is very happy to marry jai but doesnot know his truth,rani tells kusum to tell the truth.Kusum agrees to say the truth to every one.

Nanthini calls jai and jai thinks that she has got to know the truth and gets scared.jai sigh picks up the call but nanthini speaks about what surprise jai was about to give to her.Jai gets angry and shouts at her ,rani sees all this ,latter on she goes to nanthini and says to call of the marriage.

Nanthini says there will be problems in a relation that does not mean she has to stop the marraige. Rani says that soon the truth will be in front of her and she never nanthini to marry jai singh.There Jai Singhs man put kusums house on fire.

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