Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update: Prithvi reveals sherlyn’s fake panic attack to preeta

Kundali Bhagya 7th July 2021 Written Update

Sherlyn tells rakhi that she wants to go home Rakhi tells that doctor want to keep her in observation for sometime.In the luthra mansion preeta and Prithvi talks to each other Prithvi tells her that how he knew that there was a hidden camera in her necklace. Preeta asks him that how could he know that.

Prithvi says that he is a very cunning person and no one can fool him easily he says that when Sherlyn was yelling at him he told her that there was a camera and told her to act like that she got a panic attack. Peter gets shocked hearing to all this Prithvi that why was treated so much worried when sherlyn got the panic attack preeta says because it was about her life.

Prithvi says to Preetha that, she thinks about everyone and she can’t reveal the secret in front of everyone he also reminds her that he will be the son in law of that family within few days preeta says him to forget that dream because before his marriage she is going to throw him outside that house.

Rishabh asks Sherlyn that is ok ,she nods her head. Kareena gets Happy Singh Rishabh and Sherlyn together after a very long time. Mahira asks about sherlyn and then whispers in her ear that she has done a very good acting.

Prithvi asks preeta that why is she treating him like this he is not her enemy,preeta says he is not a human hee is a devil.Preeta says that he is marrying Kritika so that he can stay with her and Sherlyn over there. Kritika comes and asks that what are they talking about Prithvi says that Preeta was just praising him.

Kritika says that he must be praised and Kritika says that he is very much proud of him. Sherlyn asks rishab that is he suspecting her, Rishabh said that he was only worried about Prithvi he thought that Prithvi is crossing his limits.Sherlyn gets relaxed hearing these words. She thinks that she must remove preeta from her way.

Karan gets ready to leave for practice and asks Preeta to sleep but she refuses to sleep saying that she will wait for him and informs him that tomorrow she is going for shopping to buy something for him.Rishabh informs Sherlyn that he is leaving for office and asks her to take rest then leaves from there.Sherlyn calls a goon and asks him to kill Preeta.

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