Signal engineer Aamir Khan had caused the Balasore train accident!

Balasore train accident

On June 2, a major train accident took place near Bahanaga railway station in Balasore, in which 3 trains collided with each other.

Now the investigation is going on.292 people died in this incident and more than 1100 people were injured.

According to the reports CBI has sealed the house of Balasore Signal JE Aamir Khan. The team asked questions about the Signal JE a few days back.

And since that day the Signal JE is missing along with his family.CBI has also searched the rented house but they found it locked. 

No clue of him was found even from the neighbors, after which the authorities sealed his house.

The accident took place when the high-speed Coromandel Express derailed in Balasore and collided with a goods train standing on the loop line.

After the incident, apart from the Railway Minister, Prime Minister Modi himself also went to Balasore to visit the spot.

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