Girl straightening her hair inside Delhi metro goes viral

Delhi Metro

A lot of incidents are taking place in metro’s nowdays.Despite repeated warnings by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Delhi Metro continues to hog the limelight for bizarre incidents.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are filled with several such videos. A few days back Delhi Metro officials gave a warning that people should behave.

They asked all the people not to make Instagram or social media real inside the metro station.

Recently a video of a young girl straightening her hair inside the Delhi Metro has left the internet speechless.

The video went viral and now people are sharing it all over the social media.In the video it can be seen that a young girl is straightening her hair.

It is not known whether the girl was going to office or party.However, the video has caused outrage on social media with netizens questioning the woman’s behaviour.

A Twitter page shared her video and wrote, “Delhi Metro Ki Baat Hi Kuch Alag Hai.”

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