Anupama Upcoming Twist 9 September 2022

Anupama Upcoming Twist 9 September 2022

Anupama Upcoming Twist 9 September 2022:The starplus daily soap is coming up with new twist in the upcoming episode.The audience are also ver excited to know that what will be happening in the new episodes.

Anupama helps anuj to get ready

Anupama deccides to get ready for the baby naming ceremony and gets ready with her clothes.Anuj comes in the room.

She says that she has made the routine for the next week and the meeting. Anuj says that he is thinking of something else.

He tells her that actually he is thinking that now he is getting better day by day and he wants to go to the office and work over there.

Anuj says that actually he is getting and facing problems working from the home and that’s why he is thinking of going to the office and doing all the work.

Anupama says that is absolutely fine they can go to the office and work from the next week. Anuja asks Anupama to help him.

She Laughs at him and she teases him. She says that when she gets ready he always does this to her now she is doing understood him.

Both of them laugh at each other but suddenly . Anuj loses his balance and he goes to fall off . Anupama helps him and tells him that she is absolutely sorry.

After some time Anuj feels that he is becoming useless he gets angry on himself and shouts at and performances that why she acting and showing sympathy to him.

Anupama tells that she is very sorry and she goes out of the room. Anuj feels that he has done a mistake because she shouted at his wife.

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