Anupama 10 September 2022 :WOW! Anuj and Vanraj become friends

anupama 10 september 2022
anupama 10 september 2022

Anupama 10 September 2022:The shah’s starts the preparations for the baby naming ceremony. Leela tells toshu to do the work.

Toshu tells that he will not work because he is tired. He says the whole night you have to work because the baby was not sleeping.

Hasmukh tells that it is just the beginning and now this will continue. Kavya tells that it was the same with vanraj because he was looking after the baby.

Leela tells pakhi to help Samar. But she does not help him. Samar complains to her that no one is helping him to decorate the house and do things.

She says that she thinks that she should get married she says that she will be selecting the bride for him and she will be telling him the name of his child.

Samar says that he is not interested in all this. Leela things that where is Anupama and why is she not coming into the house.

She remembers that she has told her the last that she must do the rituals because it is very important for the baby.

Rakhi comes over there with gifts. Leela tells that where is the grandmother of the child and why she is not coming to the house.

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