Anupama 30 august 2022: GOOD NEWS! Kinjal delivers a baby girl

Anupama 30 august

Anupama 30 august 2022: The shah’s enters the house. Barkha and Ankush get shocked to see them over there. They get angry as the shah’s have again to their house after so many things.

Hushmush tell that they have separated but Lord Ganesh has again brought them together and they are very happy for this.

They decide to do the Aarti and start with the Ganesh puja. Anupama starts the Aarti everyone stands behind her and place to God for their health wealth and everything.

Paritosh receives a call from someone and he cuts the call but he does not tell anyone anything. Kinjal queries him that who is calling him constantly.

He says that actually he has got a job offer and that’s why he is receiving the call. Angel gets excited and asks him to do the Puja first.

Later Paritosh tells everyone that he has got a job offer and he needs to leave from there.Vanraj ask him about the company but he does not say anything.

He tells that he will tell them everything after he returned from the job interview and he goes away from there. Everyone continues with the Puja.

Anupama 30 august 2022 spoiler Alert: Kinjal gets admitted to the hospital

Suddenly kinjal starts feeling dizzy and she starts screaming in pain. Anupama ask her that what happened to her and why she screaming.

She says that she thinks that it’s time for her delivery. Anuj asks Anupama to take her immediately to the hospital for the delivery of the baby.

Vanraj and Anupama takes Kinjal to the hospital for the delivery and take admit her to the hospital. Everyone comes there and prays to God.

Kinjal asks Anupama to stay with her

Kinjal asks Anupama to stay with her in the operation theatre Anupama agrees to her. The doctor asks Kinjal to put her effort in delivering the baby.

But after sometime Kinjal gets tired.The doctor tells that Kinjal needs caesarean.Leela tells that she is against this.Vanraj asks Anupama and she tells that it’s better for Kinjal.

Later they agree for caesarean. Anupama later announces that it’s a baby girl.Everyone gets excited and happy to hear the news

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