Monica O My Darling Teaser Explained | New Netflix Movie!

monica o my darling
Monica O My Darling teaser

Monica O My Darling as the name suggests the movie will be a super duper comedy thriller.

The teaser of the movie has been released on the official YouTube page of Netflix India. The movie features actors like Rajkumar Rao.

Actors Huma Qureshi, as well as Radhika Apte, will also be seen in the movie. Actor Sikander Kher is also seen in the teaser.

Netflix Monica O My Darling teaser story explained:

The plot of the movie generally revolves around Rajkumar Rao who will be playing the main character in the film.

The teaser Rajkumar Rao telling to a girl that he comes from a small village and she should not know his name.

He tells that the name of the village from where he came is Angola. The girl on the other side says that it sounds quite exotic.

In the next Sinha 30 in that Huma Qureshi comes and offers Rajkumar Rao some tea. Rajkumar says that he does not want it.

she says, “It is just tea, not poison.” In the teaser, it feels like Huma will be the boss lady.

In the next scene, it is seen that Radhika is seen explaining to Rajkumar how should he tell his story to everyone.

Sikander tells Rajkumar that he is the same boy from Angola. In the last scene Huma destroys a tiger statue kept on a table next to her using a sharp knife.

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Cast of the movie:

Sikander Kher, Radhika Apte, Rajkummar Rao, Huma Qureshi

The release date has not yet been announced by the makers of the show.

But it is expected that the movie will be released before the ending of the Year

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