Starplus Anupama Update: OH NO! Anuj gets paralyzed

Recently a promo has been released on youtube on the starplus daily soap Anupama and in the promo, it is been that anuj gets paralyzed


Anupama helps Anuj and takes care of him. She thinks that when a person gets hurt it gets ok with the time. But when a person gets hurt due to to family members that is the most difficult thing to forget.

Anupama remembers how Ankush and Barkha told her that Anupama has done something because of which a anuj is made for her.

And in the same way, now her daughter pakshi is doing something so that she can get close to Adhik and can brainwash him.

She also remembers that her ex-husband vanraj told her that she wanted to touch the sky along with Anuj but the reality is that Anu ji is no more with her.

Vanraj also tells Anupama that the family of Anuj has shown her the real value of her in the family and what she deserves.

Anu comes to Anupama and asks Anupama weather Anuj will not recover from the state throughout his life.

Anupama says that now Anuj have to get ok because she will put everything into him and will recover him. She tells Anuj that now his daughter and his wife both are looking at him and he have to get Ok.

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