Anupama 2nd August 2022 Latest Update: BAD NEWS! Anupama leaves the shah house

Anupama gets emotional she tells Kinjal that she will not be coming to that house anymore but she will not forget her responsibilities and she will do her responsibilities.

She tells her that she can come to her house whenever she needs her and she can tell whatever she needs.

Kinjal gets emotionally intense Anupama that she can’t live without her because she gets scared without her.

Anupama makes her understand that there is no problem because the whole family is with me when her mother Rakhi is with her.

Everyone gets emotional. On the other hand Anuj tells Hasmukh that whenever Leela and vanraj insulted Anupama ever to decide of Anupama.

Hasmukh realizes his mistake and tells Anuj that he will not stop him from taking Anupama from there because he had understood his mistake.

Anupama Prays to God and asks to take care of the house and each and every member of the house. Before leaving the house she tells vanraj that she always had anger for him and today he is more angry for his behavior.

She tells him that if he wished he could have stopped all these dramas by controlling his own daughter but he did not. He also tells everyone that today she is living but one never knows that what happens in the future.

Anupama tells that maybe the god will bring hard to the house once again and that this you will tell that she is back. She breaks down after seeing Hasmukh She Goes and hugs him.Anupama asks Kinjal and Kavya to take care of the house and walks out from the house.

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