Kundali Bhagya Update: Karan gets back his senses, and Preeta feels awkward

Kundali Bhagya

Karan wakes up and gets back his sense.Anjali tells him that he has done a blunder and he has proposed preeta to marry him.

Anjali also tell him that Preeta has accepted his proposal and after hearing this he gets shocked. Later she tells him that actually she was just joking.

Arjun ask her that why she did not stop him from getting drunk he says that he can’t even remember when he went into the room.

She asks him how can she stop him from drinking. Prithvi meets Raja and tells that he wants to destroy the life of the Luthra.

Raja asks him that why does he want to destroy the life of the Luthra. He says that actually Rishab has backstabbed him in the business.

Prithvi then takes the gun from him and cause to describe the life of everyone. Sherlyn finds him over there.

He later learns that Kavya is Karan and Preeta’s daughter . She also gives this information To Sherlyn that Kavya is the daughter of preeta.

Vishnu gets confused about whether Karan and Rishabh are brothers . Vishnu things that if both of them are brothers then why they have different surnames.

Arjun and Preeta comes in front of each other and Preeta things that he will apologize to her for his mistake.

Arjun apologize to Peter for his mistake and says that actually it is a problem when he gets drunk once he has also proposed his cook.

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