Anupama: Vanraj and Anuj Both are in danger


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. Anuj and vanraj meet Sab big accident and both of them gets admitted to the hospital.

Both the families starts crying thinking about that what is happening with them and why is this happening with them.

The doctor’s comes and informs the families that and anuj and vanraj both are in high risk and both of them must undergoes surgery if needed.

Anupama blames herself for all that has happened she thinks that if she wouldn’t have kept that Puja on that same day that maybe this would not happened.

Ankush finds Adhik in the hospital and asks that where did he go. He says that actually his phone was on silent but as soon as he got to know he came over there.

Adhik asks that how did all this happen. Ankush ask him that did he do anything because he is not satisfied with both Anuj and vanraj.

Adhik says that he is thinking in the wrong way because he can not do all this and he can’t even think of doing all this.

Then both of them think about Barkha they suspect that maybe she has done all this to take the revenge and both of them calls her.

On the other hand leela breaks down completely and starts crying holding Anupama and asks that why is only happening. She tells that if anything happens to any one of them then one of the family will be affected.

On the other hand the only asks Kinjal to have the medicines. But she tells that she is not willing to have these medicines now.

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