Kundali Bhagya Ep 1309 -17th August 2022 Preview

Kundali Bhagya

Rakhi gets tensed to see that Rishabh is fighting .She tells arjun to stop him.Arjun calls her mother. And then he apologize .

She tells her that he can call her mother. Arjun advises her to put her trust in Rishabh.She tells that she trust him.

Rakhi says that she cant allow Rishabh to go all alone there because it is risky. She says that she can’t lose her son.

Arjun tells her and reminds her the promise that he has made to her. He tells her that nothing will happen when he is with Rishabh.

He also come to storm Kavya and thinks that she is traumatized after all this. He calms her and tells her not to stress out.

On the other hand, Rishabh and Preeta both of them get shocked when defined that origin is behaving absolutely like Karan.

Sherlyn goes and tells everyone to leave from there since the Luthras have contacted the police. But Prithvi decides to complete what he has come to do.

He says that He doesn’t want to go before achieving his goal. Prithvi tells them to make family members hostage and go from there.

Prithvi tells that they can hide anywhere in the house because if they run away then they will be caught by the police if they leave.

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