Anupama: Vanraj feels guilty about his deed [17th August 2022]


Vanraj comes near the hospital room and sees that anuj is lying on the bed and anupama is crying .Vanraj feels bad.

He stands there.Kavya observes both of them and then she thinks that vanraj is feeling very guilty.Anupama goes out of the room.

Vanraj realizes his mistake

Vanraj apologizes to Anupama. Anupama accuses Vanraj for taking Anuj to the cliff. She asks him why he took anuj at that place.

He tells her that he was extremely upset, she was feeling as if Anuj has taken all the things from his life and he is left with nothing.

Anupama gets angry at him and accuses him, she tells him that he is solely responsible for the condition and for the circumstances.

She tells that it will be ok because now he told sorry. She tells him that he should not make her angry now.

Anupama gets angry on vanraj for his actions

Anupama tells that if she gets angry then she will not stop today. She says that she will raise her hand on him them.

Vanraj raises his voice and asks her to stop, but she tells that she should be keeping quiet because he is responsible for all these things.

 Barkha overhears Anupama and Vanraj’s talk and gets happy.

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