Kundali Bhagya: Arjun worries for preeta and her injuries

Kundali Bhagya

Anjali tells arjun that they should go home.Arjun tells that his phone is missing from there.Rakhi notices the phone. She tells him that it’s Rishabh’s phone.

Dadi tells arjun that kavya is never so friendly with strangers but she has became good friends with him. Mahesh asks Arjun about his siblings.

He says that his phone got exchanged with Rishabh’s phone.Srishti goes to the roof with the police and she gets scared.

Sameer tells her that it’s not time to get scared of rats.Later the police officer finds Vishnu’s wallet. Arjun comes there and tells Rishabh that he has his phone.

Rishabh returns the phone to him. Arjun gets to know that Preeta has got injuries.Rishabh tells Arjun to help Preeta.

Preeta says that she can do it on her own and there is no need to get worried. She tells that she will apply ointment. He notices the injury and he says that she is bleeding. 

Arjun tells he will everyone about her injuries.She asks her not to do that .She tells that she can do the first aid.Arjun tells her to shut up.

He applies medicine to her injury.The police asks Rishabh if anyone wants to kill him.police inspector shows Vishnu’s wallet to him.

The inspector tells that Vishnu is a serial killer and Vishnu works for Raja.And that’s why Vishnu came to kill someone.

Later Preeta asks Rishabh what the police inspector said he tells her that he has to go to the police station to file an FIR.

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