Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein:[Big Update] Savi asks about virat

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Savi tells sai that she want to go to her favourite place.Sai denies stating that she have lots of work. She says that she will have to look after the patients.

She tells that she as well as need to complete the household chores.Savi gets upset with Sai and complains that she do all the work.

Savi goes aside and stops talking to Sai.Sai tells that she has became a drama queen.Sai then agrees to fulfill Savi’s demand.

Sai and Savi meets all their neighbors while Sai keeps asking them about their health.Savi gets irked and ask her mother to take her fast .

Later she watches the soldiers and tells that one day she will also become an officer.Sai gets proud of Savi.

Sai , asks her divider she want to become a soldier Savi tells that actually she wants to become like her father.

Sai remembers finding about being pregnant with Savi and becomes emotional. She tries to move away from her past.

Savi asks her that what is the name of her father and where is he.Sai gets emotional and she tries to avoid the question and change the topic.

Sai replies to Savi that she is her mother as well as father, while the latter gets angry with her. Hearing this she gets upset and gets angry on Sai.

Sai somehow convinces Savi and takes her back to the house.Later a lady gives tea to Sai and advice her to take out some time to rest.

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