Khoon Bhari Maang -Diya and Sameer Fall in Love [HOT Ullu Web Series]

Khoon Bhari Maang (Ullu)

Khoon Bhari Maang is the new Ullu web series. The audience of Ullu is very excited to know what will be seen in the new web series.

Web series Khoon Bhari Maang is already released on the official Ullu website and the in the Ullu app the users can easily login into the app or the website to watch the web series online.

Unlike every time the platform has came with some erotic web series. Ullu is generally known for the erotic web series.

Story of Ullu web series Khoon Bhari Maang:

Ayesha returns from US:

The series starts with a couple and it is seen that there doing romance. Diya and Sameer meets each other. On the other hand Diya’s sister Isha returns from US along with her friend Rahul.

Diya tell her sister that how she fell in love with Sameer and then she got married to him and how her life has changed after her marriage.

Hearing this Ayesha tells her that actually Sameer does not love her and he has married her only for her money and nothing else.

Diya and Sameer fall in love:

Diya does not believe her and tells that she believes her husband and she says that some it can’t betray her. She asks her to prove what is she saying.

Ayesha enters the room when she finds that Sameer is making a painting. She asks him to make her painting also.

Sameer Betray Diya:

But he denies making her painting Ayesha tries to manipulate him and she starts removing her clothes. Diya watches all this.

Sameer tells that he is not interested in her and he goes away from there and avoids her.Later at the night Sameer enters Ayesha’s room.

He finds that she is sleeping She Goes near her and both of them start kissing and gets intimate after time. It is seen that both of them knew each other from before.

Cast of Khoon Bhari Maang Ullu web show:

  1. Donna Munshi
  2. Dhiraj Kumar Rai
  3. Maahi Khan
  4. Suraj Singh
  5. Aparna Mendis

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