Anupama: WHAT! Vanraj has intentionally pushed Anuj


High Voltage drama is going on in Star Plus daily soap Anupama. In the latest episode Anuj and vanraj meets an accident and after that they get admitted to the hospital.

The family keeps on crying and they try to understand what has happened to them and how did they meet the accident.

Kavya tells everyone that actually she has hidden something from all of them and not told anyone. She reveals that she was falling both of them.

She tells that she called her husband vanraj when he told that he is at home but she understood from the call that he is not at home.

Kavya tells everyone that then she found that Anuj is going somewhere and he is very angry and she guessed that he is going to meet her husband.

She says that she followed both of them and she reached a mountain peak and found that both of them and standing at the peak.

Kavya tell that she wanted to call both of them but she did not do anything because both of them can meet an accident as both of them were standing at the edge.

After hearing this everyone gets shocked Anupama asks her that what has happened after that. She remembers that after that her saree got stuck into a plant.

And when she saw she found that both of them were not there on the peak. Later vanraj gets back his senses.

He tells that he wants to meet Anupama he reveals to her that actually he was the only one who has pushed Anuj intentionally.

Vanraj tells Anupama and takes her not to file a case against him. Leela also bags her that she should not file a case against her son.

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