Akshay Kumar Gets Hurt During His Performance at Umang 2022?

umang 2022

Mumbai: Umang is celebrated each year for the police officers of Mumbai. All the celebrities of the Bollywood industry come and perform on the stage for the police officers.

The Bollywood industry pays a tribute to all the police officers for keeping the city save throughout the year.

This year also the program has taken place and the episodes are out on the YouTube platform. Unlike every year many Bollywood celebrities were seen on the show.

Actor Akshay Kumar enter the show in his own style. He enter the show standing on a car and a song from his film Suryavanshi was being played in the background.

The video that has been uploaded on YouTube has got lots of likes and views. But it is shocking when everyone finds that Akshay Kumar gets hurt.

Akshay Kumar fools everyone

During the performance Akshay Kumar suddenly acts as he has got hurt he gets down from the stage and everyone gets tensed.

Everyone comes over there to help him out a person gives him a bottle of water to put in the water on his eyes.

And suddenly Akshay studies dancing everyone feels relief that actually he was just acting of getting hurt and that was a part of the performance.

The audience has love the performance of Akshay Kumar other celebrities like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kartik Aryan were also seen on the show.

Akshay Kumar is now busy promoting his film Raksha Bandhan which has already released on the 11th of August 2022.

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