Anupama [31st August 2022] Latest Update: Emotional! Anuj miss Anupama


Starplus Anupama is one of the most loved tv serials.The audience has given lots of love to the show and the makers are coming up with new twists .

Anupama [31st August 2022] Latest Update

Anupama gets emotional she calls and tells about the good news. She tells that they have been gifted with a baby girl.

Anu also gets excited and tells that she has told him before that Kinjal will have a baby girl and all of them gets happy.

Vanraj tells her that he is very upset with her because she has seen the baby before him and now he is feeling jealous of her.

Later on both of them goes to meet the baby. They stand outside the room and try to guess which one is their grandchild.

Vanraj says that how can he guess which one is his grandchild? She says that the baby who will be anger like him is his grandchild.

Later Anupama and the shah family go to meet kinjal and she gets emotional. Kinjal asks about her husband toshu.

Samar says that they have tried to reach him but they could not .Vanraj asks her to relax and anupama consoles her.

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