Anupama 31st August 2022:Kinjal gives birth to a baby girl

Anupama 31st august 2022

Anupama 31st august 2022:Anupama gives the good news to the family members.Every one gets excited to meet the baby .

Leela startss dancing she asks vanraj to give her some money so that she can give the money to the nurses as they have been gifted with a baby girl.

Vanraj says that this cant happen because it is a big hospital.Leela tells that she will give every one Rs 100 not Rs 10.

Anupama goes to see the baby she also calls anuj and informs him about the delivery and they get happy.Anuj and anupama congratulate each other.

Barkha and ankush come there and congratulate him because he has become a grandfather. Ankush says that he knows that Anuj is upset on him.

He tells that he will tell sorry to him and apologize to him until and unless he accepts his forgiveness. Ankush also tells thank you for letting them stay over there.

Anuj tells that it is not permanent. On the other hand vanraj tells Anupama that she has seen the baby fast and he is now jealous of her.

Anupama and vanraj overwhelmed

Anupama and vanraj stands in front of the room and Anupama asks him to guess that which one is their baby.

He says that how can he understand by not entering the room because there are so many babies in the same room.

Anupama tells him that the baby who looks like the angry girl is his granddaughter because he is absolutely like him.

Vanraj takes the correct guess and tell that he has found the baby who is his granddaughter he says that it is the baby number 106.

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Anupama tells that he is absolutely right.Later anuj and Anupama speak on the video call vanraj tells the wonderful experience to become a grandfather.

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