A call from Ratan Tata changed the life of the Repos Energy Founders

Repos Energy Founders

Ratan Tata backed startup Repos Energy has came a long way. The founder Aditi Bhosale Walunj who was recently seen with Ratan Tata in a picture.

Aditi took to their LinkedIn and told everyone how she encountered Ratan Tata. In the post she wrote that she wanted to meet Ratan Tata.

But everyone told her that is not possible and it is impossible to meet him. But she never hear anyone telling her no.

She took the opportunity and met some right people and went outside the house of Ratan Tata and waited for 12 hours outside his house.

But she could not meet him and she went back to her hotel along with her husband at around 10 p.m. Then suddenly their phone Rang.

She heard of voice from the other side of the phone and the person asked whether he can speak to Aditi. When Aditi question who is the person.

Ratan Tata said,”This is Ratan Tata here. I got your letter. Can we meet?” after hearing this Aditi and her husband got emotional.

The next day both of them went to meet him and discuss their plan that how they want to distribute energy with the last mile using Technology.

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