Anupama 12th July 2022 Upcoming Episode Promo Update: Will Anuj meet an accident?

Anupama 12th July 2022

Anupama 12th July 2022: After watching today’s episode everyone is not thinking that what will be happen in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus daily soap Anupama.

The audience of the show is very excited to know that you will something happen to Anuj in the serial. Because the last scene of today’s episode has kept a Question Mark in everyone’s mind.

In the latest episode, It is seen that Anuj and Anupama both meet each other at the dance academy. Anuj goes to the dance academy to meet Anupama because he wanted to say something to her.

He returns back from the Shah house and Anuj stands at the door. Both of them gets emotional thinking about the old memories that they have spent together in the dance academy.

Samar and Sara says that they are going to finalize the costumes for the dance competition. Anuj tell that they should go fast otherwise the shop will be closing soon.

Anuj takes Anupama inside the dance academy and asks her to have her sit. Then he asks her what is wrong with her and what is the problem being caused.

Anupama does not say anything thinking that he will be stressed out after hearing what has happened once again in the family.

Anuj asks her whether it is related to Pakhi and Adhik or not. She tells that it is related to Pakhi she tells everything to Anuj that has happened in the last few hours.

Then Anuj tells Anupama that she wanted to say something to her that he has got to know. He tells Anupama that Barkha and Ankush came back from USA not because they were willing to come back.

He tells that he has got information from one of his clients that Ankush lost all his business and he was encountering big losses in their restaurants that’s why they have come to India.

Anuj tells that he doesn’t not worry about all this and neither does he want to stay away from them and you always wanted to help them in any condition.

He says that but he has lost his trust and now he can trust them anymore he will continue to love them but he can’t trust them.

Anuj tells that after what has happened to them is very afraid he tells Anupama that. She should not give the power of attorney to anyone because she is the owner of the business as well as the house that he has.

Anuj tells that life is unpredictable and anything can happen at any stage of life. So he wants her future to be secured and she should not leave her right over on this because she is the owner.

He tells Anupama to promise him first that she will never let anyone manipulate her in this situations. He tells that even if God comes and tells her to give the power of attorney then also she will be not doing this.

Suddenly a mirror from behind of the door falls under Anupama stands are from the chair and she starts screaming.

Now this last seen is making the audience very excited to know that what will be happening in the upcoming episode.

Stay tuned to us for the latest spoilers and updates of the show and keep on watching Anupama.

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