Starplus Anupama S01 Episode 15th July 2022

Anu celebrates with Anuj and Anupama she cuts the cake and then gives the cake to everyone. Everyone gets happy seeing her. She going to give the cake to Barkha but she denies it.


Sara dance along with Anu, Anuj, Anupama, GK and Ankush. Anuj gets emotional. Barkha asks Sara to show the house to Anu. And she asks Anuj and Anupama why they did not tell them about their plan.

Anuj says people hide many things too. Barkha asks what he means and what he wants to say. Anuj tells that she also did not tell when she got pregnant.

He asks her that when did she will to everyone that she is pregnant. Anuj asks the reason for hiding her pregnancy for three months.

She tells that the first three months used to be crucial. Anuj tells that in the same way he has hidden the news to complete the process. Ankush asks why they adopted anu when Anupama already has 3 children.

Anupama tells that those children call her mother but there is no one who can address Anuj as a father. She also adds that being a mother at this age is complicated .

She tells that even if it was not complicated then also they would have chosen the same path.Anuj tells to Barkha that Anu and Anupama is now an important part of his life.

Later anupama asks anuj that why he didnot tell them that he has got to know the truth they were hiding from him.Barkha doubt and think if Anuj learned about their USA business that got winded up.

Ankush says that if that would have happened then anuj would have told him. Adhik says Anuj surely knows something. Barkha blames Ankush that because of his carelessness Anuj and Anupama became foster parents.

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