Starplus Anupama Episode 6th July 2022: Anuj asks Adhik to stay away from pakhi


Anupama Episode 6th July 2022: Leela gets angry on Kapadia. She tells that they never leave and the opportunity to insult them. Vanraj says that pakhi is innocent and that’s why she fell into the Trap of Adhik.

He tells that Pakhi that Adhik is rich and that’s why she started getting attracted to him. He also blames Anupama for all this and tells that Anupama is the one who is responsible for all that has happened in the house.

Anupama gets angry on him and she tells that he is responsible for Creating the problem she tells that he could have stopped everything and ended the problem but he did not. Barkha asks Adhik to complete the chapter and to stop the issue of Pakhi.

On the other hand Pakhi cries. Kinjal , Samar and Partiosh tries to calm Pakhi. Pakhi asks Kinjal to go to her room and to take rest.Samar says that she could have apologize and the matter would have ended she says that she is not interested in the lecture.

Vanraj tells that Anupama is the only Bridge between both the families and now he wants to break the bridge.Leela judge Barkha by her outfit. Anupama asks Leela not to defame another woman based on clothing.

Anuj speak to Adhik he tells him that there should not be anything between him and Pakhi. Adhik assures that there is nothing between both of them they are only just good friends and they will never go intimate.

Anuj says that is good because nothing should happen to Pakhi as she is like his own daughter. Anuj decides not to go to the Shah house because vanraj can get more Furious and angry after seeing him. He thinks that Anupama is strong and she can handle in the situation alone.

Anu tells vanraj that the more he will strict Pakhi she will go against the decision. Vanraj says he will talk with Pakhi.Pakhi apologize to Adhik on Vanraj’s behalf. Adhik motivates Pakhi and asks her not to step back.

Vanraj tell that the Kapadia and the Shah’s can’t stay together Anuj overhears the conversation.Vanraj tell that it is good that anuj has here this too. Details Anuj to take Anupama from there Anupama stills that she will meet Pakhi before going.

Anupama goes to meet pakhi she says that Anupama should not take her mobile phone. Anupama says that she just came there to make her sleep. She makes her sleep. Leela tells that Anupama is encouraging Pakhi and not showing her mistake to her.

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