Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 6th July 2022 Sneak Peek

ghum hai ksi ke pyar mein

Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein 6th July 2022 Sneak Peek: Virat asks sai why she is only thinking that there will be a problem if Pakhi becomes the surrogate mother.

He asks her whether she does not want to become a parent, he says that they should think that they will become parents after some time they should be happy.

Sai tell him that if he is thinking that she is unable to understand him at this moment then he is right because he has done such a thing that he Can be understood.

On the other hand patralekha request geeta and tells her not to tell anything to anyone. She says that first you should listen to her and then she should take a decision.

Sai receives a call from Geeta and she goes from there and she finds that Pakhi is sitting on the ground and apologizing to geeta for what she has done.

Pakhi tells geeta that she should not tell anything that she has done all these things she apologized to her.Sai get shocked to see all this.

Will Sai reveal the truth in front of everyone ?

In the recent track sai reaches the hospital and she meets Bhawani she introduces geeta to her Bhawani tells her that both of them are absolutely right.

She says that nothing can be done because he has already become the surrogate mother.Sai get shocked to hear this she gets Furious at her.

She tells that when she has decided something then how can Bhawani change the decision and take her own decision in this matter. Virat comes then and tries to make her understand.

Sai disagrees to hear anything and tells that she will not hear anything because they have betrayed her by doing this. Patralekha finds that geeta has came to the hospital and she asks the nurse to take her back into the room.

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