Starplus Anupama Ep 636,22 July 2022: Barkha tries to manipulate pakhi

Anupama 22 july 2022

Anupama Apologises to everyone and tells that she will never be late from my head and she will always take care of Kinjal and her baby.

Vanraj tell that there is no need to do all this because from the next time he will be not coming up on her for all these things. Anupama tells that she has already told what has happened to them.

Leela says that that is the reason why she is telling that from now Anupam has to be more careful because she has many responsibilities that she have to take care of.

Kavya tell us that she will bring chocolate milk for everyone and she goes to prepare that.Anu comes there with the engine and tells that from now she will also take care of the baby.

She tells that she will be never late from the next time everyone takes B chocolate milk.Samar tells Anupama that he got scared and Kinjal also got scared .

He tells that Anupama have to be more careful from the next time. Anupama takes her daughter Anu to her mother’s house. She tells her mother that when Anuj first told her that he wants to adopt she got scared.

But after Anu came to that House everything has changed now and she has become the same mother that she used to be in the time of Paritosh. On the other hand Pakhi goes to the Kapadia house Barkha tries to manipulate her.

Barkha gives expensive gifts to Pakhi:

Barkha gives her expensive gives and tells her that this all the things belongs to her and from now she can come to that house whenever she feels like it because the house also belongs to her. She makes her realise that whatever Anupama has is all for her.

All of them take selfies together.Vanraj tells that they have to realise that Anupama is not the same Anupama that they all knew. He tells that from the next time Kavya will be going with Kinjal wherever she wants to go.

Leela comes to him and gets emotional she tells that she took care of the house even when Anupama went away from that house and he does not have to join his hands in front of everyone. She says that she can take care of her grandchildren.

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