Anupama upcoming episode 23rd July 2022 promo update


Anupama finds that Barkha is trying to manipulate pakhi and she is giving expensive gifts to her. She tells that pakhi can’t take all these things because these things are very expensive.

She tells her daughter that you should take the expensive things from anyone when they have the ability to buy the things for themselves.

Pakhi tells her that Anuj also give expensive gifts to her that she can’t even afford for herself. Then why she did that thing about that at that time.

Anupama gets shocked to see her behaviour in front of everyone she feels bad. Anuj comes from office after sometime and he tells that he has brought a gift.

Anuj takes out a box of silver spoons and utensils and gives it to Anu. Barkha asks him whether it is the same brand because of the things that he has brought his from the most excellent pencil brand.

He tells that in case of the daughter they do not think about the price. Pakhi taunts Anupama. And get shocked to hear that.

Pakhi asks Anuj whether she can stay over there for that day if they does not have any problem about that. On the other hand the security guard tells vanraj that Pakhi has already left the college.

In the latest episode Anupama goes to her mother’s house along with her daughter Anu. Her mother also gets excited to see her grandchild.

Anupama tells her mother that at first when Anuj told her about the idea of adapting the child in she got very much scared about that.

But now she has become the same mother she was in the time of her first child Paritosh. She tells her mother she is very scared because she has so much responsibilities.

Her mother tells her that she believes in her daughter and she knows that Anupama will be able to maintain everything and she will be able to do everything.

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